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At Honeybet Web Site Consultants we design attractive, high quality, fast downloading Web sites and Intranets. Whether you want just a basic layout or a fully operational e-commerce site with integrated databases Honeybet can design it for you.

Taking a broad approach we are concerned with all aspects of successful web site design from the initial creation to the promotion and maintenance.

Honeybet Web Site Consultants offers :

  • Web site design and development - using creative content development and proper design techniques, we will build you a web site which will deliver you the traffic and sales that you desire.
We offer personalized consulting to deliver a web site for your total Internet marketing needs.

We believe successful web design results from transforming a client's vision into an on-line experience. Each site we build is intended to attract and retain viewers, that doesn't always mean elaborate effects and fancy navigation. It means clarity and usability.
We are accustomed to managing the practical issues of web design. We take into account everything from platform compatibility to search engine visibility and the details in between. We test and optimize our sites to ensure that they operate correctly and ensure that all of your visitors are able to view successfully.
  • Web site maintenance and makeovers for existing web sites - allowing for updated content changes and ongoing development. You may already have a web site, but when was the last time you updated its content. Most sites need to be reviewed at least annually - if only to change the dates !

    Honeybet Web Site Consultants are happy to take on the small amendments that other Designers so often chose to ignore. We charge by the quarter hour to make changes affordable.
  • Domain name development and registration - we will advise you on the suitability of choice of a Domain name and research alternatives for you. Once chosen we will register the name on your behalf.

    We will also remind you when renewal fees are due and assist in making payment to ensure you do not lose use of the investment that you have made.
  • Web site hosting arrangements - we will advise you on what is available and our personal experiences with various ISP hosting companies. If you buy your Domain name through us we often can get a deal that is as good as elsewhere.
  • Digital photography - if you are in the UK we can arrange to visit and take photographs for use on your web site. We can also scan in photographs sent to us by post.
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