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Web site Promotions and Search Engine Submissions

Too often web site designers attempt to be jacks of all trades and become masters of none.

There is more to promoting a web site than slapping on a few meta tags and submitting the site to the search engines. Yet many web site designers through their lack of understanding of the web site promotion process offer this sort of service with their design packages.

At Honeybet Web Site Consultants we recognize our limitations, that in order to produce well designed sites on a timely basis, we do not have the time necessary to keep up with the everchanging requirements and algorithms of the search engines and directories.

So at Honeybet Web Site Consultants we will advise you as to what steps are available. This allows us to develop a site which can be successfully listed with the search engines and directories and will also achieve the rankings required to be found under your chosen keywords.

This allows us to concentrate on what we do best - produce succesful and quality sites.

Recent research has shown that the most profitable sites are the ones most likely to promote their own success compared to those that anticipate profit down the road.  Despite this fact only 25% of Web businesses have formal Internet promotional budgets with the remaining 75% not getting value from their web sites.  

You need to consider:
  • Keyword or keyword phrases analysis - researching the most appropriate keywords and phrases that are likely to give your web site the most visibility.  
  • Meta Tag preparation - developing a description of your web site and keywords to gain consistent click thrus when found by surfers on the search engines  
  • Copywriting - developing interesting and readable text for your web site which will keep your visitors on site and encourage them to use your products or services  
  • Hand submission to the search engines - proven to be the most successful method of getting listed in the directories and search engines.  
  • Search engine positioning - developing stategies through the use of meta tag descriptions, keyword analysis, link popularity, copywriting to achieve high rankings within your category.  
  • Web marketing strategies - marketing your web site through alternate methods other than being listed on the search engines.

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