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Some interesting facts about the Internet

The use of the Internet is becoming more widespread and when deciding whether a web site is needed to compete globally, the statistics should always be considered.

International Data Corp concludes in one of their studies with the observation that :

"the increase in the number of online users will mean that marketers who have in the past avoided online campaigns will need to embrace the Internet or lose out to the competition."

Who is online ?

Internet Geography

By the year 2002, 490 million people around the world had Internet access with that figure estimated to nearly double by now.

The top 15 countries accounted for nearly 82% of worldwide Internet users by 2002.

Year end estimates for Internet users by countries are :
  • 135.7 million in the US,
  • 26.9 million in Japan,
  • 19.1 million in Germany,
  • 17.9 million in the UK,
  • 15.2 million in Canada,
  • 9 million in France,
  • 8.1 million in Australia
  • 1.2 million in New Zealand.
By the year 2004, 103 million new users had joined the US online population increasing the total to 210 million users.

Internet Demographics

In the UK more than one-half of the adult residents have used the Internet in the past month.

Online consumer spending in the UK will grew 1,100% between 1999 and 2004, from $943 million US to $12 billion US.

In February 2000 3.5 million Australian households (50%) had PCs and 1.9 million (28%) had Internet access. This was an increase from February 1999 of 300,000 (8%) households with PCs and 600,000 (31%) who had Internet access. Over 5.6 million Australians are now online.

54% of Canadians have Internet access, 36% use e-mail with 26% of Canadians using e-mail discussion lists in 1999. 

Adults 55+ represent the fastest growing group of US Internet users, going from 11.1 million in 1999 to 34.1 million in 2004 and will account for 20% of new users.

There are 27 million women online in the US with predictions that they can catch and possibly surpass their male counterparts in the near future.

85% of US physicians are Internet users.

92% of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs had net access in 1998 an increase of 90% from the year before.

2/3 of US farmers own at least one PC spending an average of two hours per week surfing the Net in search of agricultural information including commodity prices, weather information, chemicals and machinery.

Nearly 75% of journalists go online daily, spending an average of 13 1/2 hours per week online.

What do they do online ?

In surveys a majority of users are saying that they now shop online with 80% researching products online before buying.

Banking online is up to 25%, trading stocks to 16% and making travel reservations is up to 49%.

76% of Internet users get their news online, 70% their health information and 50% get their local entertainment information online.

The UK has the highest browse-to-purchase ratio of all the European countries, with 64% of UK Internet users who browsed before making a purchase.

Browsing for product and price information on the Internet is a firmly entrenched activity for Australians and New Zealanders at 25% prior to making a purchase, among the highest in Asia Pacific.

Male web surfers in the UK are more likely to visit e-commerce sites than their counterparts in France, Germany or the US.

59% of 18-24 year olds say they get better information online than in newspapers.

Business to Business

Commercial use of the Net by firms and organizations is doubling every year.

In studies examining trading activities of 12 major industries such as aerospace/defence, chemicals, computer/telecommunications equipment, electronics and motor vehicle/parts,they conduct more than half of their total business to business buying and selling on the Internet.

The number of US small businesses engaged in e-commerce increased from 400,000 in 1998 to nearly 2.8 million in 2003.

The number of web sites increased from 1,570,000 in 1997 to 7,399,000 in year 2000.

The European business-to-business market was estimated to increase to $176 billion by 2003 up from $7.15 billion in 1998. B2B e-commerce in the EU will be worth $1.27 trillion in 2004 accounting for 12.7% of EU GDP.

50% of online users use e-mail instead of the phone (34%) to communicate with their business associates.

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